Welcome to International Collectable Cars


Car enthusiasts in South Africa, were denied access to many fabulous cars due to anticipated low purchase volume by the manufacturer, hence their importation could not be justified from a financial viewpoint.

 Those days are gone, and we can now source many desirable cars, just for you! Thanks to the Internet and the thousands of sites that specialise in for older sports collectables, parts can easily be sourced for any model, regardless of whether that car was originally represented by the manufacturer in the Republic, hence keeping the car in 100% condition, is not an issue!

The importation process is a maze of time consuming paperwork, queuing, telephoning, travelling, waiting etc, the frustration involved in every aspect is beyond belief! The good news is we do it all for you, you just have to select the car!


Our mission is to facilitate the professional importation, on your behalf, a choice of pre qualified International Collectable Cars. We will advise you whether your particular desired car, will qualify as a collectable, and hence can be imported!

We then undertake the entire process in sourcing and supplying your particular car, you select the car from a variety of cars we can offer, or you advise us of the car sourced yourself, we do the rest for you!

Work Undertaken

No car may be sourced from a bonded warehouse, or imported from CCU countries, i.e. Namibia, Lesotho, Swaziland or Botswana

Obtaining an Import Permit is the first step in the project process, only once the Permit is obtained, is a deposit required

Letter of Authority, this is required for Customs clearance, and Registration

We now purchase the car from the supplier wherever they be in the World, we generate the foreign exchange in paying for the car

We ship your insured car, via Roll on Roll off, ( RoRo ) to Durban South Africa

Whilst the car is en route, we generate and pay for the remaining documents involved with, NRCS, ITAC, DTI etc

When the car arrives at the Port of Entry, our experienced Shipping Agents clear the car, by paying SARS all Duties, VAT, and Ad Valorem associated with the car

The car is then collected by us and taken from Durban to Johannesburg for Police Clearance, both Local and International, Weighbridge, Road Worthiness Certification, Veridot vehicle identification, and finally Licencing of the car in your name

Delivery of the car to you!

Other Alternative Work

If you have your own car overseas, which you want us to import on your behalf, send the full details so we can provide a price and time period.

Licensing Problems

"Time is Money" This adage is true, now more than ever! Let us deal comprehensively, with any issues you may have regarding:

Registration of foreign plated car, from Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, United Kingdom etc

Outdated car South African licenses, we will get them up to date

All related problems you may have regarding any aspect of car licensing, have many  influential contacts, we can resolve most problems   

If you are sick of running around in ever increasing circles, because your car is 'marked' by the Licensing Authorities, and you do not know / no one will assit / gives useless advice, in getting your car 'unmarked', contact us, we know how and will assist.